simple start.

You Count. We set up your drink recipes, POS system integration, purchase prices, and distributor integrations.

full customization.

Flexible shelf-to-sheet mapping and custom drink recipes ensure our software fits your bar.

we train your team

10+ hours of one-on-one training and software setup are included with every Pro setup.

trust your numbers

Know your inventory is accurate. Have Actionable information at your fingertips.

Pricing Guide

No hidden costs or surprises. Cancel or change your plan at any time.



per month, when paid yearly

SpeedCount includes:
Bluetooth Scale*
Barcode Scanner*
Exports to Excel,  Restaurant365, etc.
Multiple Profit Centers

SpeedCount Pro


per month, paid monthly

SpeedCount Pro includes all
Complete features, and:
1-on-1 Success Agent
Accuracy Guarantee
SimpleStart Setup
Custom Drink Recipes
Live Support

pro lite


per month, paid monthly

Pro Lite includes all SpeedCount features, and:
40+ POS Integrations
Product level variances
Powerful Data Visualizations
Automated Ordering
*Equipment Purchase Required

Get fast, accurate inventory with Bar-i’s easy wireless scale that works with your laptop or iPad.

Reduce your liquor cost and boost profits.

Exceptional service and results.  Bar owners that are not using Bar-I are losing money. It's that simple.

- Jason Tietjen, The Dive Inn

“Bar-i’s independent verification is crucial to eliminating losses and has been a key factor in our success.”

- Andy Ganick, The Pig & Sprout

“Exceptional service and results.  Bar owners that are not using Bar-I are losing money. It's that simple.”

- Jason Tietjen, The Dive Inn

“The powerful integration of Bar-i stock counts allowed us to dial in our cost of goods sold better than ever before.”

- Eric Rickman, Wholly Stromboli

“I’ve been using this company for over 4 years and they have the best support team that you can imagine. The system is fast, accurate, and easy to use.”

- Jose O’Sheas , Jim Burn

“Bar-i has allowed us to decrease the amount of time and labor to perform our weekly stock counts while increasing our accuracy and repeatability from week to week.”

- Anonymous

“Not only are they great to work with but their cost is reasonable, the system is the best on the market and you will see results right away!”

- Ashley Carranza, Rancho Bowl

“I have worked with Bar-i for years and they are professional, accurate and EXTREMELY helpful in streamlining our bar inventory. An absolute pleasure to work with, and a great asset to your bar.”

- Anonymous

“Bar-I creates a sense of accountability and accomplishment for our bar staff each week and streamlines our inventory processes in a way that I've never seen from any other bar program.”

- Jennifer Calderazzo